Hello! I’m Suzanne, mentor-coach & artist.

I started my mentoring career with art students in 2006. Really though, I began mentoring and coaching as a Physiotherapist for around 20 years before this time. I have advanced training in The Journey Method – a mindful, introspective and imaginative approach to personal growth that fits well with my system of fostering creative thinking.

You can grow into a better version of your life by devoting attention to yourself with the attention of a devoted coach. You will not go back to ordinary attention. Ever!

Yes, it is counter-cultural (oh dear, so selfish!) but necessary, so you can realise what might be possible

And if you’re feeling jaded, faded or lack-lustre, you can restore your ‘true colours’ and lean into that wind-in-your-hair feeling of really living.

And you can get a taste for free 🙂 Go back to the home page for the link at the base of the page… why not?!

Be luminary.