Mentor-Coaching with Dr Suzanne Moss




Welcome! I’m Dr Suzanne Moss, mentor-coach, artist & educator

My System of Coaching is based on six foundations help you reconnect with your inner calm, curiosity and imagination. New skills, resources and strategies can help you feel inspired, soul-nourished and supported to make the difference only you can make.

Trying to fit in – and that’s part of any job – can take a lot of energy… and over time can lead to feeling stifled, isolated, lack-lustre… and kind of lost.

But what if you could find clarity, replenishment and feel connected to your sense of freedom and purpose instead?

Upgrade your  mindset and access your own wisdom and clarity of purpose.

Drop stress and worries as you get connected to your senses through making. It’s fun and calming and the awesome benefit of restoring your ‘true colours’ – a connection with your true self – while at the same time enriching your thinking.

Your life is precious and you also know, deep down, you’ve got some special work to do. ‘Work’ that only you can do; ‘work’ that is purposeful and that will upgrade the quality of your life, and the lives of others. That matters, doesn’t it?

You can talk to me about it for free. Because that’s the difference I can make. All you need is willingness to find out more about yourself. This one’s on me:

Restore your True Colours Self-Discovery Session. 

 or call +61 4172 49175

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