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Welcome! I’m Suzanne, mentor-coach, artist & educator

My main site is over at, and this one supports my blog better, so here we are!

Ursula Le Guin once said, the best we can hope for now, since there has been so much fragmentation and separation, is to make connections.

I’m a painter, and I play with colour. Geometric abstraction makes sense to me – go figure… and one day, the whole palette came into my work as a mentor-coach: “What better way to deal with the art of life than with colour?” they insisted.

So, for a moment I was the maverick mentor, as you can see from the site name, and then the “Restore your True Colours” programmes sprung into being. I hardly did anything!

A fast ride has followed after 6 years of research, development and false starts. Here’s the thing, as my granny used to say, ‘time is of the essence’!

Your life is precious and you also know, deep down, you’ve got some special work only you can do. ‘Work’ that is purposeful and that will upgrade the quality of your life, and the lives of others. That matters, doesn’t it?

You can talk to me about it for free. Because that’s the difference I can make. All you need is willingness to find out more about yourself. This one’s on me:

Restore your True Colours Self-Discovery Session. 

 or call +61 4172 49175

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